Pupils in S6 are eligible to apply to become prefects. Pupils wishing to do so complete an application form with references from a member of staff. Following their selection, prefects participate in a team-building day, culminating in the nomination of Head Boy, Josh Brown, Head Girl, Gulsum Onal and their deputes. Prefects assist staff in maintaining order in corridors, the dining room and recreational areas as well as representing the school at functions such as Parents’ Evenings.

Pupil Council

Pupils are encouraged to take an interest in the management of the school community through the Pupil Council. Each year group has their own council with meetings chaired and minuted by S6 pupils. Members of the leadership team also drop in on the meetings

Health and Wellbeing Reps

Kaitlin Easton, Tasha Ramsay, Sarah Tuff and Chloe Sneddon attended the parent council meeting on the 18th March 2015 to present the work that they have produced for West Calders very own Hydration Station.The pupils have created a stall within the dining hall that allows pupils to access free drinking water at lunch every day of the week. Adele Ross, Jemma Shearsby, Ellie Innes, Lewis McGonigal, Greig Cawkwell, David Laing and Jack Laird have also committed their time to supervise the stall one lunch time per week.The pupils have had a fantastic response from their peers and on average we bring in 100 customers per week.We are currently working on different projects to extend the success of the hydration station such as a loyalty card scheme for those who regularly attend the stall.

The group are also working on GIRFEC displays around the school and are looking forward to setting new challenges for the coming year.

Junior Health and Wellbeing Committee

House Captains

More information about this important role coming soon.

Sports Leaders

Please speak to the PE staff for more information about the Sports Leaders Programme.

Library Help

If you would like to help in the Library please speak to the Librarians.