Parent Council Meetings Minutes

Parent Council Meeting 30th October 2017 Minutes

Parent Council Meeting 9th May 2017 Minutes

Parent Council Meeting 8th February 2017 Minutes

Parent Council Meeting 6th December 2016 Minutes

Parent Council Meeting 12th Oct 2016 Minutes

Parent Council Meeting 30th August 2016 Minutes

The Parental Involvement Act made changes to the arrangements for parental representation in all schools. In August 2007 Parent Councils became the representative body for parents.

What do Parent Councils do?
The role of the Parent Council is to: support the school in its work with pupils, represent the views of all parents encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community report back to all the parents in the school (called the Parent Forum) play a role in the appointment of Head Teachers and Depute Head Teachers and to support the school and pupils during school inspections.

Would you consider joining?
The commitment required is just one meeting every 2 months lasting approximately 2 hours. You do not need to have any previous experience of being on committees. The fact that you are a parent of a child at West Calder High School and you have views on the school and how it is run means you are very well qualified to join and would be very welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the group.

For further information on the West Calder High School Parent Council please contact Fiona Wilson via the Contact Us page or check out our Facebook page.



Parent Council Members

  • Fiona Wilson (Chair)
  • Anne Marie Wardlaw (Vice-chair)
  • Bill Martin (Treasurer)
  • Karen Haspolat
  • Anne McIntosh
  • Jill Sinclair
  • Louise Spencer
  • Guy Hunter
  • Margaret Playfair
  • Angela Hannah
  • Katie McKenzie
  • Craig Devoy
  • Rhoda Lawton
  • Pat Mavor
  • Vicky Borland
  • Caroline Wright
  • Miss Lisa Grubb (Head Teacher Acting)
  • Mrs Siobhann Forbes (Clerk)