Details of the West Calder Summer Youth Project can be viewed here.

We are delighted to offer our pupils an opportunity to Give Golf a Go at Harburn Golf Club. Transport, equipment and instruction will all be provided free of charge. Each block of coaching will last 5 weeks. Block 1 20 April - 18 May OR 25 May to 22 June. Sessions will start at 1:15pm with pupils returning to school at approx 3pm.

There will also be opportunities to continue involvement in golf and with the club after the 5 week block of coaching if pupils choose to.  
To book a place, please email or see our Active Schools Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Miss McSporran (PE Teacher).

As well as our study classes in school and the upcoming Easter study sessions, the Higher Science Masterclass for all 3 Sciences will go ahead this year in the days prior to the final Higher exams.  This is a great opportunity for some free, high quality revision in the days before the exam. 

The Celebration of Success process in PE occurs at the end of every block. For each class, two pupils are selected for the most improved in each benchmark for that block. The benchmarks are - Physical Fitness, Physical Competencies, Personal Qualities and Cognitive Skills. These four benchmarks are used because they are the assessment criteria at BroadGeneral Education and we want pupils to understand what they are being assessed on throughout the year. Take a look here at the pupils who are being celebrated in the PE department for the fourth block.

An information leaflet for parents, which has been released by the National Parent Forum of Scotland, containing advice for parents on using social media appropriately and the possible impact upon their children and the school community of inappropriate posting, can be viewed here.