Please note that the process for applications for Exam transport has been changed for this year. Rather than the school collating the information, each student should apply individually direct to the Public Transport Unit using the on-line application form. Students should be aware that this is this is for additional transport only as defined below. The dates and times the additional transport is available is provided on the form and students will receive a copy of the form to their email for information.

Pupils will be issued with a letter for their parents during Tutor time on Thursday 22 March.  This letter can be viewed here.


How do I get to and from school for Exams?

During the Exam period school transport will still run at its normal time. All pupils sitting Exams that begin and end within the normal school time will be expected to either make use of the school transport provided or make their own arrangements to get to and from the Exams they are sitting. For example, if an Exam begins at 11.30 am and finishes at 1.30 pm no additional transport will be provided either to or from school. If an Exam begins after the normal school day ends then, again, no transport will be provided. Additional Exam transport will only be provided on the dates and times shown on the application form.

Criteria for additional Exam Transport

West Lothian Council will provide additional school transport for Exams for pupils who have an entitlement to free school transport. Transport will only be provided as follows

Where an examination falls on a day when transport to and from school would not otherwise be provided (including local holidays and in-service days) the Public Transport unit will provide transport to school to arrive in time for the first examination of that day, and transport from school after the last examination of that day. Where an exam finishes after the normal school time

Exam transport will only be provided on the dates and times shown on the application form. This is provided in addition to the normal school transport and pupils will be expected to use this normal transport on all other dates and times.

Who can Apply?

Only Students who are currently entitled to free school transport can apply. No other students will be entitled to this transport and should be aware that it is parental responsibility to arrange transport to and from school.

Please note that only students who make an application for transport will be allowed to travel.

How do I Apply?

All Applications should be made via the Council Website using the online form

Please fill in the student personal details and then select the school from the drop down menu. This will then show the exams that transport will be provided for. Please tick the relevant boxes for each time transport is required and then submit the form.

When can I Apply?

The application process is now open. The closing date for application is 15 April 2018. Applications made after this will be considered but it may not be possible to arrange transport.

What Happens Next

When applications are received they will be assessed for entitlement. If entitled, transport will be allocated either on a Taxi, Minibus or Coach. The lists of transport allocated will be sent to each school and they will update pupils accordingly.