WCHS Curriculum – Raising Attainment and Ensuring opportunities for all.

The purpose of our curriculum is to make sure that all of our learners acquire the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence:

          successful learners

          confident individuals

          effective contributors

          responsible citizens

Our learners will demonstrate this by becoming more independent and successful in their learning, by having greater knowledge, more secure understanding, and by being able to use the knowledge that they have more effectively. They will be able to process new information more easily and apply knowledge in different contexts from those in which the knowledge was acquired. They will be able to learn more independently.

Our learners will be more confident in tackling new and more challenging tasks and dealing with new situations, and will have a better understanding of their responsibilities within society.

Our learners will be prepared to take responsibility their own lives and to be active in society, particularly in contributing to the economy, but also in their awareness of wider issues that affect them.

          Our learners will learn in four different contexts

          the ethos and life of the school as a community

          curriculum areas and subjects

          interdisciplinary learning

          opportunities for personal achievement

Our curriculum is designed around experiences and outcomes. The needs and abilities of the learner should dictate the pace and nature of their progress through these. Our curriculum is planned to allow learner pathways which take account of the 7 principles of curriculum design to meet learner needs: Challenge and enjoyment, Breadth (the range of experiences and outcomes planned by learners), Progression (early, first, second and third levels), Depth, Personalisation and choice, Coherence, Relevance.

Our curriculum must include the sciences, languages and literacy, mathematics and numeracy, social studies, expressive arts, health and wellbeing, religious and moral education and technologies. All of these elements must be part of every learner’s broad general education from early years up to the end of S3. In S3 there is an opportunity for some specialisation through personalisation and choice within areas to reflect the learner’s progress and interest. This specialisation will allow for increased depth of learning in preparation for the senior phase.

In our senior phase, learners will reduce the curriculum areas covered. Learners will undertake 7 National qualifications in S4. Some learners may access their curriculum through our HUB system or in collaboration with the school’s partners. Some of our learners may undertake qualifications which link directly to the world of work as part of the transition from school to the next stage of education or employment.

  Our Curriculum is designed around equity for and inclusion of all learners. Our curriculum aims to deliver opportunities for all learners to:

           Aspire to achieve and attain, and realise these aspirations , being accredited for both.

           Follow an individual learner pathway from primary transition to a positive post-school destination through purposeful BGE and senior phase with 

           universal support being delivered in each teaching environment.

           Make informed choices, personalising their curriculum in the BGE and choosing the individual blend of academic and/or vocational courses in the

           senior phase according to needs. 

           Develop the skills needed for learning, life and work, and be accredited for these .

           Be prepared for the world of work through leadership, enterprise and citizenship.

           Link their learning through meaningful IDL and fully utilise transferable skills.

           Progress both vertically and horizontally, with scope for depth and breadth.

           Be engaged in their learning through appropriate pace and challenge, with courses enriched by partner input.

           Experience work experience at a time appropriate to them.

           Develop essential and transferable literacy, numeracy and digital skills and a sense of HWB.


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